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Women Empowerment Committee/ women squad committee

About the Committee

College is having an active Women Empowerment committee. The committee emphasises on empowering female students of the college and to develop their personality so as to enable them to compete with the current scenario. The committee is formed in the year 2015 under the guidance of Chairman Sir of our College. Every year the committee meeting is held for the purpose of electing committee members.

Roles and Responsibilities of Committee members:

  1.  To protect the rights of female students and to also to make them aware about the rights and advantages given by state and local government.
  2. To take Pro active decisions and for the benefit and empowerment of female students.

Committee Members of Women Empowerment Cell for the year 2019-20



Sl.No  Comimittee Members  Designation  Contact Number 
1.  Dr. Ratna Prakash  Principal  9756600098
2.  Mrs. Dayabati Soyum  Vice Principal  7060741124
3.  Ms. Minu Paragein  Assistant Professor  9568344731
4.  Mrs. Pratiti Halder  Assistant Professor 8909383535
5.  Ms. Rebecca Peter  Sr. Tutor  9758070072