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Nursing in new world of health care : A Vision
Health care has been a major field of study since the dawn of human Civilization. In the new world or Health care nursing Profession is emerging as a significant contender Highly professionalized service ,based on evidence - based training The introduction of advanced technology in Curricula and scope for varied areas of specialization has opened vistas of
opportunities for professional growth.

Conversely the rising public awareness about health and increasing expectations of consumers for emergency in health care ,demand clinical competency in care givers ,which Is an integrated application of humanistic attitude, relevant knowledge base and specialized psychomotor skills in rendering health services.

The progress of any profession depends on its capacity to meet the increasing role demands in the larger contexts of related professions, posing as a challenge to its stability. With the increasing sense of health consumerism the day is not for when Nursing would be expected to justify its existence.

Keeping pace with this changing Scenario, the system at Nursing Education has moved along. As a caring science, far ahead of any other health care professionals, it has included the components of holistic health in its training programs, incorporating Basic Health Sciences, Behavioural Sciences and Clinical Science in its education, blending all in its realm of practice.

Pal College of Nursing & Medical Science, as an exclusive organization, provides a firm base for nurturing the growth and development os its students to blossom into competent Nursing Professionals to realized their role in the  ‘New World of Health Care’ as important members of the Health Care team".

Dr. Ratna Prakash