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Dr. Ajay Pal Singh

Message from Dr. Ajay Pal Singh

I am honoured that you have chosen Pal College of Nursing& Medical Sciences to being your Nursing career journey.Nursing is a blend of art and science. It needs to be geared to meet the growing healthcare needs of patients in the changing environment of advancing technology and rapid scientific progress.
It is the quality of people in terms of right attitudes, aptitude and related skills that give any service industry a competitive edge. recognizing the need to educate and train nursing students is a crucial, imperative and urgent priority.
I assure you that the Pal College of Nursing& Medical Sciences will provide you all the opportunities to develop you into a caring, committed and competent nurse and will enable you to become an integral part of health care team . I am sure that the Pal College of Nursing & Medical Sciences is taking yet another significant step in this direction. I am quite confident that it will generate a cadre of world-class nurses set to make a different to the
world-as torch bearers of the Pal Group!

I wish you all a bright satisfying and prosperous career.

With Warm Wishes,


Dr. Ajay Pal Singh

(Director )

Brijlal Hospital & Research Centre PVT.LTD.